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8:27 PM

The best thing about living in bangalore? No it isnt the weather, not anymore anyway. It is baking hot these days But bro who is back from a trip to Dharwad tells me Bangalore is much much cooler!

So i was talking about why living in bangalore rocks , well the start ups, they keep springing up in plenty here and we get to enjoy door delivery services before any other city in the country. This time around I decided to try Zopnow because it was offering very tempting discounts ;)

Looks like Zopnow is in the grocery delivery scene for quiet sometime now but i only got to know about it and used it recently . I ordered from their website, such a relief that this isnt app only , my phone is buzzing with app notifications and i sat down and deleted so many apps today morning because my phone had slowed down. I prefer using websites even mobile sites, no apps please.

I wanted to buy some daily essentials but the order amount wouldnt be much so i chose zopnow which give free delivery on all orders, no minimum order limit. cool no?

I used its search bar typed in bread and a drop down popped with many options for me to choose from , I added what i wanted to cart, order total was just 100 and then checkout choosing a desired time slot.

I received my order in the time slot selected and it was over all a good shopping experience. i havent had to deal with their customer support so i cant say anything about that.

Why Choose
-Free delivery, no minimum purchase value
-Option to shop from website, mobile site and app
- 3 hour delivery guarantee
- Wide product variety and range
-  nice offers and coupons
- multiple payment options
-option to schedule delivery

Whats not good
- They dont cover all pincodes in bangalore. (though they deliver in other cities too)
- many other grocery services provide 2 hour delivery

Rating: 4/5

Verdict: If they deliver in your area do give this a try especially if your order is small and you want to save on shipping charges.

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  1. Great post! Interesting to know ..I will refer them to friends..

  2. Great post! Interesting to know ..I will refer them to friends..

  3. I'll check if they deliver in Pune :) Thank you for sharing :)

  4. wow ! great post. I will refer it to my friends in bangalore :) Thanks for sharing.

  5. Will surely try this. Life has become so easy with online shopping of groceries. Totally hassle free.

  6. Nice review dear...This looks like good website 😊

  7. You had me at 'no minimum purchase value' :D Seems like the next big thing if they play their cards right :)



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