UberMOTO and OlaBikes taxi services launched in Bangalore

5:09 PM

After offering cab rental services Uber has launched its bike taxi services called the uberMOTO in our very own garden city, Bangalore. Bangalore is only the second city after Bangkok where Uber has launched motorcycle taxi services. UberMoto will have fares as low as 3/km with a minimum fare of  Rs 15 which will make it an idea travel option for short distances especially considering the traffic congested roads of bangalore. UberMOTO bike can be booked using the Uber app and uber is also offering  free ride to first time users (Riders can key in uberMOTOBLR to get a free ride worth Rs 100.)

Uber's biggest rival in India Ola was quick to join the bike taxi bandwagon and announced its very own Ola Bikes the same day. Ola has kept the introductory pricing for its ola bikes services at 2/km and a minimum fare of Rs 30. 

Are you wondering why I am talking about these bike taxi services on my blog? well This news really excited me, while I may never use a bike taxi because frankly i dont like bikes and I rarely even ride pillion with my brother but with Bangalore's traffic, Bike Taxi are a revolutionary move! The Bike taxis are not only more affordable than cabs, they will also help save time for people because bikes can zip through traffic better than taxis can. Also more bike taxis means lesser cars on roads which will eventually ease the traffic congestion on roads, a win win for a city like ours whose major problem is Traffic Jams.

It is not like Bangalore did not have bike taxi services before, we did have startups like rapido but with the entry of giants like ola and uber  bike taxis will surely take off in a big way. 

What is so good about these bike taxi services ?
- Super economical. Minimum of 15 INR is a win
- They will provide with helmets for pillions, safety and rules will be followed
- Woman also can use these as these companies may add women bikers specially for women
- more riding options for bengalurians
- Time saving as commuting with a bike is far easier on bangalore roads
- Uber has called for solo bike riders to register as drivers, this will be a good thing, sort of bike pooling where bikers can recoup their trip costs
- pay through any payment options – including CASH.

What do you think of the bike taxi services? 

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  1. good development. Will try when in Bengaluru next time


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