Roots Wet Brush - Best way to Shower and Detangle

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Super WOW

Price: 295 INR

I have already spoken about my hair issues on my blog before, my major hair problems are split ends, dull and dry hair. I have been told zillion times to not comb hair when wet because when wet, hair is very delicate making it more prone to breakage. With life being extremly busy these days I can rarely wait for my hair to dry up before I go around brushing it, so i decided to explore safe ways to comb my hair immediately after shower. A wide tooth comb was the most common answer but i found something even better, The wet brush by roots.

I have been using Roots hair combs for four years now and when i spotted this wet brush from roots on amazon at a discount, I HAD to buy it. The reviews were good but all of them said the hair brush was a bit small but who cares when something so pretty, so pinky smiles back to you flaunting a fabulous discount? Added to cart and check out!

Does it work? 
It works and works like a charm. This isnt just a pretty pink hair brush, it actually detangles my wet without any tugging and pulling in under 60 seconds almost like magic! This hair brush has super soft bristles and a rubberized body for easy grip when working with wet hair.

I have been using this wet hair brush for about 2 months now and now I am totally addicted to it. I was travelling and i forgot this brush home and ended up missing it super badly after shower, now I make sure to travel with this . The size of this brush is also very small almost as big as my palm, which means it is very travel friendly .

The specifications say it can be used for both wet and dry hair but I feel it works best for wet hair . On dry hair it works well but I prefer my normal brush as i feel this is a wee bit toogentle and the bristles too soft for dry hair.

Why I super Love the Roots wet brush:
*Cute. Pink. Pretty
*Small Travel friendly size
*Rubberized handle for easy grip
*Priced right
*Easily available (Got mine from Amazon)
* Detangling is a breeze with this
*Can be used on wet and dry hair (i prefer wet only)
*95% less hair fall when detangling after shower

 Zooni's View Rating: 5/5

Final Verdict: Go Get this awesome wet brush especially if you have wet hair detangling issues. It is cute, affordable and works beautifully!

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