Dream Vacation in Mussoorie

12:58 PM

I am not a mountain person, adventure is definitely not my thing . I prefer normal sight seeing, lavish food and lazing around is my idea of  a vacation.  So what would be my dream vacation?  It would be some luxury hill resort in the doon valley aka mussoorie.

Our family has this mantra of one holiday a year and this time I was very excited because we decided on mussoorie s our holiday destination. It was going to be a blast , the best way to rejuvenate after a very harsh Bangalore summer .
Mussoorie is known as the hill queen has abundance of green hills and is the best way to experience the natural beauty of himalayas.

Getting There:
We contemplated going Mussoorie by train but bangalore to Mussoorie wouls take atleast 2 days which we did not want to waste. After checking flight schedule and airlines we booked tickets to Dehradun the nearest airport to Mussoorie.

Where to Stay:
There is no shortage of hotels and tourist lodges in Mussoorie and after a lot of research we zeroed on Hotel Emerald Heights . We considered booking a room in resort but we wanted to explore the mountain view of mussoorie and not spend time in spas and food courts so a simple hotel was our best option.

I new this vacation wasnt going to be the usual one, because all are previous ones were to places were our relatives lived. Hyderabad, Lucknow, delhi and Mysore. We had never stayed in hotels or guest houses , this promised  to be a different and an unusual experience. 

The Dday finally arrived and we flocked to BIAL airport to board our flight to dehradun and from dehradun we hired a taxi for mussoorie. When we reached Hotel Emerald Heights it was already late and we decided to take some rest to wake up fresh to exploring  the valleys in the morning.

Next day we started of early to explore lal tibba the highest point in mussoorie. We reached tibba on  a horse back and we also visited the landour bazaar on our way. Next stop was kempty falls, a magnificent waterfalls which makes a place in your heart. there's something about these waterfalls which gets to you. All I wanted to do here was sit on a secluded rock far away from the spectator crowd and stare at the stunning water as it fell in the water body below forming a million ripples.
This waterfall area was heavily crowded so we did not stay for long and headed to Mall road to shop for some wooden handicrafts. I loved shopping here, as the stuff was very different from what we find online or in stores in Bangalore . My mom the bargain queen bargained  amazingly and we were able to score some amazing deals.

After two days we were headed back to Dehradun with a lot of happy memories and umpteen selfies . It was definitely a holiday I would remember for life... a vacation which will stay close to my heart and fill my heart with joy every time I thought about it.

The reason why this particular vacation is so close to me is that this was one outing which gave me the opportunity to connect with nature. It was refreshing to zone out of life and go all the way from the Himalays to Dehradun.

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