Haul Time: Banjaras and Boitique

9:34 PM

When you have wardrobe full of clothes and still crave to shop try beauty shopping :D

Yes that is my mantra these days. I just cant stop myself from shopping especially because you rarely get tired of clicking buttons and that is exactly what online shopping is all about!

In the middle of baking hot summer, face washes are an absolute essential and i decided to bring n variety in my face wash collection. I wanted to try some new brands so I chose Banjaras from purplle. Along with the face washes I also brought a beauty cream and a face pack.

The face washes are nice variety at a very affordable price. they are also small and travel friendly.

For shampoo I chose Biotique which has herbal ingredients and I also brought a bio white cream. I have started using the shampoo, it cleanses well but on my dry hair it is more drying which i dont like one bit . Iam still to find a good ayurvedic shampoo which works for my hair type, until then i will stick to tresemme I guess.

Which shampoo and face wash are you currently using? 

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  1. Banjara is an under rated brand but has good/decent products. I used couple of their products and liked it.

  2. I have used Banjara's face packs and they have been decent enough, no breakouts on my sensitive skin which is a big plus and of course how easy on the wallet they are :) When it comes to Biotique I only like their face packs, otherwise their products seem to be a miss only for my dry,sensitive skin & hair.

  3. Not tried any of these Beauty Products. Visited your website today and read a few articles that praise BANAJARAS products, getting keen to try some banjaras products (at least a face wash)....


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