A peek into my Bangle Collection

1:00 PM

Hiya friends,

I havent been posting regularly but Iam back in here and will be posting regularly from now on  (hopefully!) Today I decided to give you a peek into my bangle collection.

Bangles have a lot of importance in indian culture and is sign of suhagan. In my hometown Lucknow I havent spotted any married woman without bangles, they will go around their daily chores wearing glass bangles and when the husband dies the glass bangles are removed off. 

I love bangles and never complete my traditional look without wearing them but I must say bangles come with their own set of discomfort making my hand heavy so I just stick to wearing them in one hand and wear a watch in the other. on most simple occasions I wear kadas instead of bangles but i just love collecting bangles and now have a big variety of this accessory.

This is just a tip of my bangle collection , actually these are mainly kadas and I couldnt photograph all my glass and metal bangles in here, but someday I will definitely show you the entire thing. 

Hope you like it

Stay pretty

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