#IndiasMostLovedCEO - Who is it?

8:11 PM

Who is a CEO?

For the world a 'CEO' may be a just 'Chief Executive Officer' but for me, the meaning of the word is far more than that. I believe a CEO is someone who has these three main qualities:

Caring in nature

He/she is someone who inspires us with his/her unmatachbale leadership and makes us look up to them.
I often see people cribbing about their jobs and cursing their CEOs but I prefer to think differently. I believe respect for your CEOs and Bosses is very vital and it should come straight from the heart. Don't you agree with me? But yes, there are exceptions. So the question is, can CEOs ever be loved? If you ask me, I am saying a big YES. Some of the CEOs of India are truly lovable and inspiring to bits!

Coming from a Business loving family, I got the privilege of growing up and developing under my favorite CEO in this entire world - My own Dad. I grew up basking in the beauty of his never tiring and hardworking self. He was like a syrup to my soul, showering his business skills and positiveness over me even without actually intending to do it. Just a few minutes in his company and he can turn a dead soul into an aspiring business man.
Today, when I have got the opportunity to nominate my favorite CEO for the #IndiasMostLovedCEO contest, I want to nominate my Dad.

Apart from my Dad, Jeff Bezos is someone who has inspired me a lot. I am a shopaholic who loves shopping from websites like Amazon and I can't help but admire the tremendous success which Amazon is basking in. 

What's the #IndiasMostLovedCEO contest all about?

A very interesting contest is on Here . I have no idea who this most loved CEO of India is , and is this whole thing even real, but this whole idea is very different and getting me excited. Iam so waiting for more details to be revealed. Is this some kind of a business national awards or just a fun upcoming TVC concept for a brand. 
Who do you think is #IndiasMostLovedCEO is? Do you have any idea? If you do then go ahead and participate in the contest on twitter.
All you have to do is guess who India’s Most Loved CEO is and bag a chance to be featured on the official website and win exciting prizes like MOTO G mobile phones and Flipkart vouchers!

So, what are u waiting for? Hurry up and answer to Who deserves to be called IndiasMostLovedCEO ? Who knows you may actually end up winning.

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