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Chilli Guava from Paper boat drinks

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Hiya everyone, Hope you all are doing good.
Long time, I know.. when life happens you cant help it!

I have wanted to write about this for a really long time (months even) but Iam finally back and will try to be a wee bit more consistent but I cant promise anything. :(

I love juices and I always prefer fruit juices to eating fruits. I know fresh fruit juices pack in more calories but if you have drank juices from juice shops in Bangalore then you will know they are more of water shakes than juices so no worries about putting on weight. On outdoor trips I prefer to drink packed juices and paper boat drinks is a nice option for such trips.

Paper boats sent me a beautiful surprise ( months back) which had these yummy drinks giving me an opportunity to try their new flavour chilli guava. I love the unique packaging of paper boat drinks and since they are no added colors and preservative in these drinks I prefer them even more.

This is ofcourse not the first time I was trying paper boat drinks, I  have already tasted some flavours like jamun which I purchased from Natures basket. This particular flavour chilli guava is supposed to bring in school memories where chilli guava used to be a common snack. I love the idea of drinks weaving in memories and it is actually true for me. I remember having almost raw guava cut into four sprinkled with salt-chilli powder after school, so it did bring back a lot of memories. 

Coming to the actual drink Paper boat Chilli Guava is delicious and very drinkable despite it having a spicy touch to it. It is more like a gauva drink with light chilli sprinkled in, a very fresh taste which I havent tasted before. The packaging is so different, eco friendly and the drink is gluten free too and for the price it retails it is an epic win. 

I have mentioned having tasted jamun drink before but I did not like it much but that is not the case with chilli guava. I take small sips and it is a nice road trip sip on drink. The pack mentions serving chilled is best but I have had this drink both chilled and room temperature an it tasted good both times. 

I have already tried two other flavours of paper boat drinks and will be talking about it soon.

Price : 30 INR for 250 ml  
Shelf life: 4 months from date of packaging
Availability: Easy . 
But from Nature's basket or departmental stores . 
Buy from Amazon here

Rating: *****/5

 If you are bored of the fizz drinks and want something healthy and natural try paper boat drinks. The chilli flavour is sure bring some memories and give you a fresh taste . Try it atleast once.

Have you tried paper boat drinks?

~ zooni ~

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