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Most skin care, beauty and hair care products available in markets today are loaded with chemicals and are pretty pricey too. I am beauty obsessed and always take care to eliminate chemicals from my personal care as much as I can. I have this habit of always reading ingredient lists in beauty products to have a rough idea of what exactly Iam feeding my skin and hair with. It is no surprise then that I prefer herbal or natural products but it is a real task to find chemical free products which work for me and fit in my budget too. I recently ended up discovering Banjaras which has a unique blend of natural ingredients in their range of quality products .

Natural beauty is a trend that is catching up with women all across the globe and I totally trust nature to add to my beauty. I prefer using natural products which arent loaded with chemicals, preservatives or cause irritation. Banjaras is one such herbal brand which aims to use the goodness of nature to maintain beauty of your skin and hair. They believe nature’s beauty is everlasting and if you take care of Nature, Nature will take care of you.

Banjaras have natural, ayurvedic based ingredients which suit all skin types and dont cause any side effects or irritation even to sensitive skin. They pack the nourishing touch of nature in their  quality herbal products eliminating any fillers or chemical preservatives. Ingredients in Banjaras personal care products are sourced from flowers, fruits and rare herb extracts and presented to you in the most possible natural form to deliver maximum benefits for your skin and hair.  Banjara's is also PETA certified cruelty free brand which does not test on animals or use any animal ingredient in their product range. This care shown to furry friends makes the animal lover in me very happy.

I have very dry skin and most face washes dry me out even more making my skin stretchy and flaky. I have experimented with many face washes in the past hoping to find the one which suits my super dry skin and I finally found my go to cleanser in  Banjaras Multani + Orange face wash. This soap free face wash is gentle on my dry skin and has a pleasant citrus scent. It cleanses my skin nicely and leaves it with a soft, supple and moisturized feeling. I am very happy with this face wash and I am also trying Banjaras samvridhi hair oil and hair pack these days. Banjara's infact have 36 products in their skin and hair care range which includes Brazilian black hair dye, Multani + Papaya face pack, Skin +ve beauty cream and more. Their products are gentle and free of harmful chemical additives making them ideal for people of all ages meaning Banjaras cater to the personal care needs of the entire family .

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If you havent tried anything from Banjaras yet you can start by trying a free sample of their products by visiting here 

Tips on going natural with your personal care (Steer clear of harmful chemicals)

  • Always read the ingredients on products carefully. Avoid chemicals like parabens, synthetic colours, toluene, SLS, SLES, triclosan and artificial fragrances. Herbal brands like Banjara's dont use any of these toxic ingredients. You cant totally avoid these chemicals but you can do your best to limit the toxins your body absorbs . 
  •  Instead of using a conditioner after shampooing try deep conditioning your hair 30 minutes before having a bath. Massage a blend of natural oils like Banjaras Samvridhi oil into your scalp and hair and wash with shampoo for manageable soft and smooth hair minus the chemicals your conditioner has.
  • Dont use harsh chemical laden cleansers on your face which will strip your skin off all moisture. Use a gentle face wash which not only cleanses but also leaves your face with a soft moisturized feeling. I recommend Multani + Orange face wash from Banjaras which is hydrating and cleanses well too.
  • What you eat reflects on your skin so if you follow a proper nutritional diet your skin will look healthy and clear having a natural glow. Eat salads, greens and drink lots of water. Avoid processed foods and sugar. 
  • Good sleep and low stress levels can work like magic rejuvenating your skin and hair eliminating the need to use multiple products to look good. 
* This post is part of #MeAndNature campaign from Banjaras

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  1. Wow, this tip "Instead of using a conditioner after shampooing try deep conditioning your hair 30 minutes before having a bath" is unbelievable. You solved my problem. When I used a conditioner after shampoo, my hair got oily very fast. But if I didn't use a conditioner at all, my hair was dry just after the shower. Thanks a lot!

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  2. This Banjaras product have natural and long lasting effect on my skin .useful tips for protection of my hair as well

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